The Chef


École hôtelière Avignon, valedictorian (cuisine)
Beau Rivage Palace Lausanne Suisse – 2 years

Hiely Avignon – 3 years
Hôtel d’Europe Avignon – 4 years
Le Grangousier Avignon – 3 years
La Ferme Avignon – 3 years
La Mère Germaine – Châteauneuf du pape

Chef David was trained at the hotel school of Avignon, ending valedictorian. He continued his apprenticeship with the family Hiely (“La Fourchette”) in Avignon, then to the restaurant of the Hotel Europe “La Vieille Fontaine”, always in Avignon. “The Beaurivage Palace” in Lausanne (Switzerland) was a milestone in his career. A former student of Mr. Massonnier, it keeps a deep sense of rigor and passion for the profession. He has settled in “La Mère Germaine” there are now 4 years